Macomb County Athletic Directors Association



Prior to the 1990s, Macomb County athletic directors would meet monthly primarily because county schools were in a number of different leagues and did not have an opportunity to come together to discuss current issues and to develop professional relationships.   These meetings were largely well attended.  Once consolidation of leagues began to occur with the creation of the Macomb Athletic Conference in 1986, and with later expansions, there became less need to have monthly meetings since many of the county athletic directors were in the same conference and would see each other on a regular basis.  Occasional county meetings were still held and it was during this time (1990-1993) that the county athletic directors began having discussions about recognizing county coaches through a Hall of Fame.  In 1993, the decision was made to develop a Hall of Fame, establish criteria for membership, appoint a selection committee, identify a county charity,  find a suitable location to “house it” and to find sponsorship to fund it and finally, to assign the county athletic directors a name – the Macomb County Athletic Directors Association:  MCADA.  In 1994, MCADA representatives approached the Joe Dumars Fieldhouse about being the permanent host of the Hall of Fame which they agreed to be.  MCADA also received sponsorship from The Macomb Daily for the banquet and all printed materials and advertising.  The first class was identified in 1994 by the MCADA Selection Committee, and the inaugural class (25 members) was inducted at the first MCADA Macomb County Coaches Hall of Fame banquet on April 27, 1995 @ Fern Hill.  In addition to the induction ceremony, a $1000.00 check was donated to the Macomb County Special Olympics as MCADA’s designated charity.  To date, MCADA has donated over $12,500.00 to the Macomb County Special Olympics for their summer camps.  On April 25, 2019 at the HOF Banquet, MCADA will host its 13th Hall of Fame induction ceremony with 20 new honorees that will bring the total membership to 219 inductees and to date have donated $13,500 to the Special Olympics.


MCADA Mission Statement

The purpose of the association shall be to advance the standards of coaching and leadership in the program of interscholastic athletics; to recognize those who provide quality leadership skills; cooperate with the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) implementing projects designed to advance the interscholastic programs of the County; cooperate with the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association  (NIAAA) in implementing projects designed to advance the interscholastic programs of the County; improve membership representation; advance professional leadership and competence through mutual problem solving; and give support, leadership and service to county, state and national educational organizations.


Criteria and Forms
  What is MCADA?  
  2019 Hall of Fame Flyer



List of Inductees by Year
Bill Aisa   2019  
Larry Cosart Chippewa Valley 2019  
Gregg Golden Regina 2019  
Richard Julien Clintondale, Fraser 2019  
Greg Mayer Warren Woods Tower 2019  
Angela Milanov Warren Mott 2019  
Mike Moore LC North 2019  
Skipper Mukhtar WWT 2019  
Shawn Murray Sterling Heights 2019  
Tony Pankowski Warren Con 2019  
Randy Payne LC North 2019  
Howard Stuart Richmond 2019  
Kevin Voss Chippewa Valley
Leonard Brindley Official 2019 Distinguished Service
Joe Cochran Warren TV 2019 Distinguished Service
Mike Gentry Official 2019 Distinguished Service
Robin Gill Lake Shore 2019 Distinguished Service
Ron Minoletti Official 2019 Distinguished Service
Lynne Perryman Chippewa Valley 2019 Distinguished Service
Mike Jolly   2019 Jack Francis Award
Dan Barnabo Ford II 2017  
Barry Clements Ford II, Bemis JH 2017  
Tom Dailey Sterling Heights/Mott/Cousino/
Carter JH
Bob Jolet Warren Woods Tower/Anchor
Bay/ Catholic League
Rex Luxton Lakeview 2017  
Bob Maus Sterling Heights/Flynn Jr 2017  
Doug McKay DeLaSalle 2017  
David Nowinski Fraser 2017  
Mel Perrone Catholic League 2017  
Dan Phillips Chippewa Valley 2017  
Mac Sparks Clintondale 2017  
Dale Teller Romeo 2017  
Suzanne Trush Romeo/Warren Mott 2017  
Stepen Zervas Fitzgerald 2017
Mike Banaszewski Warren Woods Tower 2017 Distinguished Service
Kevin Lozon Advisor&Source/Macomb Daily 2017 Distinguished Service
Pat "Bubba" Treet WWT/Lakeview/Fraser 2017 Distinguished Service
Fraser 2017 Distinguished Service
Howard Lewis L'Anse Creuse 2017 Jack Francis Award
Ray Barr Fraser, Romeo, DeLaSalle 2015  
Bud Doba Warren, Mott, Cousino 2015  
Duane Bryner New Haven 2015  
Lori Gill Lutheran High North 2015  
George Hamblin Richmond 2015  
Dave Kuppe Fraser, Lutheran East 2015  
Jerry LaJeunesse Stevenson 2015  
Mike McInerney Ford, Eisenhower 2015  
Kim Renas Macomb College 2015  
Robert Schroeder Chippewa Valley, DeLaSalle 2015  
Mark Urquhart Mott 2015  
Marshall Wandrei Fraser 2015  
Diane Zatkoff Chippewa Valley, Sterling Heights, Utica 2015  
Ben Ancona Stevenson 2015 Distinguished Service
Skip Crane Fraser 2015 Distinguished Service
Greg Garavaglia Mott 2015 Distinguished Service
Terry White Clintondale 2015 Distinguished Service
Pat Mulcahy L'Anse Creuse 2015 Jack Francis Award

Michael Giannone Chippewa Valley/Dakota 2013  
Ed Carleton Cousino 2013  
Ann Marie Michol De La Salle/Regina 2013  
Steve Vercammen De La Salle/Roseville 2013  
Joe Michol De La Salle/Utica 2013  
Carla Thompson Eisenhower 2013 Distinguished Service
Brad Robinson Fraser 2013  
Matt Joseph Henry Ford II 2013  
Sue Balow L'Anse Creuse 2013 Distinguished Service
Joyce Christmann L'Anse Creuse 2013  
Robert Lefkowitz L'Anse Creuse 2013  
Bob Giles Mount Clemens 2013  
Robert Hill Stevenson 2013  
James Plutschuck Utica 2013  
Rob Dilday Utica  2013 Jack Francis Award

Pete Coll Centerline 2011  
Mike Carr Chippewa Valley 2011  
Karen LaFata Chippewa Valley 2011  
Arnie Brock Clintondale 2011  
Bob Blunk De La Salle Collegiate 2011  
Brian Kelly De La Salle Collegiate 2011  
Bill Beach Henry Ford II 2011  
Chet Boss Henry Ford II 2011  
Doug McDougal L'Anse Creuse 2011 Distinguished Service
Alice Benefield Lincoln 2011 Jack Francis Award
Diane Laffey Regina 2011  
Robert Kalbfleish Sterling Heights 2011  
Ernest Sciullo Sterling Heights 2011  
Kenneth Fiott Stevenson 2011  
Tom Probst Stevenson 2011  
Duke Melchoir Warren HS, Mott, EastDetroit,
WWT, Cousino
2011 Distinguished Service

Joe DeFusco Centerline 2009  
Gary Brundirks Chippewa Valley 2009  
Pete Martin Cousino 2009  
David Malinowski De La Salle Collegiate 2009 Distinguished Service
Robert Lantzy Eisenhower 2009  
Val Schneider Eisenhower 2009  
Rick Repicky Fraser 2009 Jack Francis Award
Brian Lieckfelt L'Anse Creuse North 2009  
Bob Winkler Mt. Clemens 2009  
Tim Probst Romeo 2009  
Mike Simon Romeo 2009  
Kevin Hanson Stevenson 2009  
Craig Morris Stevenson 2009  
Marguerite Archibald Utica 2009 Distinguished Service
George Cutshaw Warren Woods Tower 2009  

Len Perkins Anchor Bay 2007  
Ron Kocan Chippewa Valley 2007  
Dave Prestininzi Chippewa Valley 2007  
Carol Gray East Detroit 2007  
Larry Memmer East Detroit 2007  
Lee O'Bryan Fraser 2007  
Don Lutz L'Anse Creuse 2007  
Dick Brand Lakeview 2007  
Bruce Udvari Romeo 2007  
Ralph Wiktor Romeo 2007  
Ralph Laparl Stevenson/Utica 2007  
Jack Francis Utica 2007 Jack Francis Award
Sue Walker Warren Woods Tower 2007  
Patricia Walny Warren Woods Tower 2007 Distinguished Service

Thaier Mukhtar De La Salle Collegiate 2005  
Dennis Wheeler East Detroit 2005  
Ken Hoover L'Anse Creuse 2005  
Roger Bunton L'Anse Creuse North 2005  
Vito Delia Lincoln, Dakota 2005  
Dr. Carol L. Hulet Mt. Clemens 2005 Distinguished Service
Bruce Smith Mt. Clemens 2005  
Larry Walters Mt. Clemens 2005  
Greg Ganfield Romeo 2005  
Gerald Mrofka Roseville, Brablec 2005  
Paul Jesswein Sterling Heights 2005 Distinguished Service
Ned Brazelton Sterling Heights, Cousino 2005  
Rick Bye Stevenson 2005  
Cleland Dame Stevenson/Utica 2005  


Andrew Delia East Detroit, Roseville 2003
Daswell Campbell Fitzgerald 2003
Mario Borrocci Fraser 2003
Bill Fifer Fraser 2003
William Barnes Fraser/De La Salle 2003
Al Kastl Fraser/De La Salle 2003
Ved Green Mt. Clemens 2003
Don Wiswell Mt. Clemens 2003
Dave Jackson Richmond 2003
Carl Beutel Roseville 2003
Robert DeStafano Roseville 2003
Jim Meyer Stevenson 2003

Jack Jones Brablec, Roseville 2001
Al Baumgart Chippewa Valley 2001
Larry Clemans Chippewa Valley 2001
Ross MacDonald Fraser/De La Salle 2001
Marcy Jodway Henry Ford II 2001
Dennis Schrieber Henry Ford II 2001
Gary Christmann L'Anse Creuse 2001
James Benefield Lincoln 2001
Russell Marley Lincoln, Romeo 2001
Gary Sear Mt. Clemens 2001
Al Snyder Mt. Clemens 2001
Mike Jolly Mt. Clemens, Chippewa Valley, De La Salle 2001
John Lapish Romeo 2001
Larry Russell Romeo 2001
George Gleason South Lake 2001
Robert Murray Warren Woods Tower 2001
Dan Simeck Warren Woods Tower 2001

Paul Mandziara Centerline 1999
Fran  Scripter Centerline 1999
Don Seiferlein Clintondale 1999
Tom Simon Clintondale 1999
David Vogel Clintondale 1999
Larry Andrewes East Detroit 1999
Wayne Brown East Detroit 1999
Mel McKenzie East Detroit 1999
Pete Prestininzi East Detroit 1999
Jan Stephan Fraser 1999
Jim Martin Lakeview 1999
Frank Reed New Haven 1999
Jim Medlin South Lake 1999
Harold Arft Sterling Heights 1999
Dick Christy Sterling Heights 1999
Bob Dilday Utica 1999


David Fredette Armada 1997
William Chmelko Centerline 1997
Christine Schneider East Detroit 1997
Jim Barker Henry Ford II 1997
Mary Kay Knechtges L'Anse Creuse   1997
Howard McNally Lake Shore, Anchor Bay 1997
Bill Dyer Lakeview 1997
John Switchulis Lincoln 1997
Steve Nowak Mt. Clemens/Warren 1997
George Koskimaki Roseville 1997
Frank Morrow Utica 1997
Dave Semrau Utica 1997
Ray Dion Warren HS 1997
Cosmo Plotts Warren HS 1997
John Barnett Warren Mott 1997
Jan Sander Warren Woods Tower 1997
Ron Wilson Warren Woods Tower 1997
Dennis Zbozen Warren Woods Tower 1997

Ed Wuestenberg Armada 1995
Rudy Hill Centerline 1995
Fred Lee East Detroit 1995
Ron Ruzzin East Detroit 1995
Al Drath Fitzgerald 1995
Paul Smarks Fitzgerald 1995
Dick Snyder Fitzgerald 1995
Tom Lusk Fraser 1995
Don Weichert Fraser 1995
Howard Lewis L'Anse Creuse North 1995
Dick Black Lakeview 1995
Pete McMillan Lincoln 1995
Ernest Buckholz Mt. Clemens 1995
Dick Chapman Mt. Clemens 1995
Walt Koepke Mt. Clemens 1995
Dave McEvers Mt. Clemens 1995
Dan Barnabo Romeo 1995
Jerry Barr Romeo 1995
Maurice Wilson Roseville 1995
Maxwell Barry Roseville, Brablec 1995
Oscar Frangquist Roseville, Brablec 1995
Jerry Thomas Stevenson 1995
Clinton Swinehart Utica 1995
Bob James Warren 1995
Jack December Warren Mott 1995